Table 1

Search strategies

Search strategies
  1. Depression[Mesh] OR (depress*[Title/Abstract] AND care[Title/Abstract] AND manag*[Title/Abstract]) OR (depress*[Title/Abstract] AND (therapy[Title/Abstract] OR treatment[Title/Abstract] OR psychotherapy[Title/Abstract] OR counseling[Title/Abstract] OR antidepress*[Title/Abstract])

  2. Chronic Disease[Mesh] OR Diabetes Mellitus[Mesh]) OR Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease[Mesh] OR Chronic Respiratory Disease[Title/Abstract] OR Ashtma[Title/Abstract] OR Neoplasms[Mesh] OR Cancer[Title/Abstract] OR Cardiovascular Diseases[Mesh] OR HIV Infections[Mesh] OR Rheumatic Diseases[Mesh] OR Gastrointestinal Diseases[Mesh]

  3. Randomized Controlled Trial[Publication type] OR Controlled Clinical Trial[Publication Type] OR Random Allocation[Mesh] OR Placebos[Mesh] OR Control Groups[Mesh] OR Clinical Trials As A Topic[Mesh] OR Meta-Analysis[Publication Type] OR Systematic Review[Title/Abstract]

  4. #1 AND #2 AND #3

Cochrane Library*
  1. [mh ‘Depression’] OR [mh ‘Depressive Disorder’] OR ((depress*:ti,ab) AND (care OR manag*):ti,ab) OR ((depress*:ti,ab) AND (therapy OR treatment OR psychotherapy OR counseling OR antidepress*):ti,ab)

  2. [mh ‘Chronic Disease’] OR [mh ‘Diabetes Mellitus’] OR [mh ‘Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’] OR (‘Chronic Respiratory Disease’:ti,ab) OR (Asthma:ti,ab) OR [mh Neoplasms] OR (Cancer:ti,ab) OR [mh ‘Cardiovascular Diseases’] OR [mh ‘HIV Infections’] OR [mh ‘Rheumatic Diseases’] OR [mh ‘Gastrointestinal Diseases’]

  3. #1 AND #2