Table 2

Dental compliance and caries-free proportions between children from low-income (using the ‘Maximum Bill’) and middle-to-high-income families

Maximum Bill
VariableNoYesp Value
Treatment index (TI=100%)* 65.8% (n=358)55.3% (n=94)0.01
Restorative index (RI=100%)* 65.4% (n=351)53.7% (n=88)0.008
Regular dental attender 77.7% (n=1344)50.3% (n=188)<0.001
No dental visit between 2009 and 20133.4% (n=59)12.6% (n=47)<0.001
Caries-free proportion88.4% (n=1414)78.4% (n=276)<0.001
  • *Dichotomous explanatory variable.

  • †At least one dental visit in three different years over a 4-year period, excluding urgency treatments.