Table 1

Prehospital data collection using smartphone application and generation of trauma priority flag.§

Mechanism of injuryRTI—high speed
RTI pedestrian/bicycle
RTI motorbike
RTI unspecified
Fall from height (10 feet/3 metres)*
Penetrating trauma—stab/gunshot*
Railway incident*
Blunt assault
Near drowning*
Serious injury identificationPenetrating to head, neck, torso*
Chest injury including pneumothorax*
Crush injury including degloving
Amputation proximal to wrist and ankle*
Suspected pelvic injury
Open or closed suspected skull fracture*
Spinal injury*
Vital signsSystolic blood pressure
  • Record actual value in mm Hg

  • <90*

  • ≥90

Heart rate
  • Record actual value—heart rate per minute

  • ≥120

  • <120

Respiratory rate
  • Record actual value—respirations per minute

  • <12 beats per minute

  • >24 beats per minute

  • Normal: 12–24

  • Alert

  • Verbal*

  • Responding to pain*

  • Unconscious*

  • Automatic flag-generation rules.

  • *Presence of a variable generates a RED flag.

  • †Presence of two or more variables generates a RED flag; presence of one variable only generates a YELLOW flag.

  • §Presence of none of the numbered variables generates a GREEN flag.

  • AVPU, alert, verbal, pain, unconscious; RTI, road traffic incident.