Table 3b

Comparison between mothers of metal load between subgroups according to their ‘proximal exposure’. The metal load in mothers of different subgroups were compared with each other. Analysis was by multiple quantile regression on median values as linear function of the independent variable, ‘proximal exposure’. For ease in reading the data, the colour yellow indicates that the group in the column on the left in each panel has significantly higher load (p<0.05) than the one in the column on the right in the same panel. If vice versa, the line is enhanced in green colour. Panel C compares exposure subgroups 1+2 with 3; panel D compares exposure subgroups 1 with 2

Metal Median exposures 1+2 95% CI Median exposure3 95% CI Difference p>|t| 95% CI - INF 95% CI -SUP
 Al5.985.52 to 6.445.174.49 to 5.850.80999990.054−0.01301191.633012
 Fe14.4713.57 to 15.3714.7613.43 to16.09−0.290.723−1.8944191.314419
 Mg533495.29 to 570.71436380.61 to 491.39970.00529.98938164.0106
 Mn0.80.73 to 0.870.580.47 to 0.690.220.0010.08713680.3528633
 Ba4.764.03– to 5.493.792.71 to4.870.97000030.145−0.33562572.275626
 As0.0750.07 to 0.080.0590.05 to0.070.0160.0110.00368350.0283165
 Cd0.04620.04 to 0.050.04290.03 to 0.050.00330.547−0.00745080.0140508
 Co0.050.04 to to0.050.010.09−0.00156470.0215647
 Cr0.690.61 to0.770.580.46 to−0.03404390.254044
 Cu12.711.91 to 13.4912.811.64 to 13.96−0.10000040.888−1.4999711.299971
 Hg0.1860.16 to 0.210.1980.16 to 0.23−0.0120.583−0.05493750.0309375
 Ni0.650.57 to 0.730.460.34 to0.580.190.0080.0492350.330765
 Pb1.521.27 to 1.771.431.07 to1.790.090.685−0.34610960.5261097
 Sr50.246.09 to 54.3145.439.36 to51.444.7999990.197−2.50440712.10441
 Ti0.270.25 to to
 U0.1410.12 to 0.160.1770.15 to0.2−0.0360.027−0.0678036−0.0041964
 V0.4540.4 to0.510.2910.21 to0.370.1630.0010.06991740.2560826
 W0.040.03 to0.050.030.02 to0.040.010.058−0.00034370.0203437
 Zn296.35270.3 to 322.4250.72212.45 to288.9945.630.053−0.664401691.92441
Metal Median exposure 1 95% CI Median exposure 2 95% CI Difference p>|t| 95% CI - INF 95% CI -SUP
 Al6.15.538 to 6.6625.764.551– to 6.9690.33999970.616−0.9934461.673445
 Fe14.2613.371 to15.14915.9113.998 to 17.822−1.650.125−3.7586560.4586567
 Mg518475.411–560.589572480.429 to663.571−540.294−154.990846.99076
 Mn0.770.683–0.8570.890.703 to1.077−0.120.253−0.32600720.0860071
 Ba5.454.585–6.3153.41.54 to−0.00086814.100868
 As0.0770.069–0.0850.0660.049 to 0.0830.0110.257−0.00806630.0300663
 Cd0.04660.04–0.0530.04010.026 to 0.0540.00650.418−0.00926890.0222689
 Co0.050.042–0.0580.050.033 to 0.06701−0.01912170.0191217
 Cr0.670.577–0.7630.960.759 to 1.161−0.290.01−0.5112491−0.0687508
 Cu12.711.873–13.52711.910.123– to 13.6770.80000020.423−1.1600142.760014
 Hg0.1880.162–0.2140.1670.111 to 0.2230.0210.502−0.04044480.0824448
 Ni0.650.549–0.7510.720.504 to 0.936−0.07000010.564−0.30835810.168358
 Pb1.591.328–1.8521.180.616 to 1.7440.41000010.196−0.21233871.032339
 Sr4844.217–51.78364.756.566 to 72.834−16.70−25.67073−7.729264
 Ti0.270.243–0.2970.250.192 to 0.3080.020.54−0.04414750.0841475
 U0.130.114–0.1460.1840.15 to 0.218−0.0540.005−0.0916994−0.0163006
 V0.4530.395–0.5110.5190.395 to 0.643−0.0660.343−0.20283340.0708334
 W0.030.016–0.0440.110.079 to 0.141−0.080−0.1136928−0.0463072
 Zn296.93264.64–329.22292.94223.512 to 362.3683.989990.918−72.5793280.5593
  • *Al, aluminium; Fe, iron; Mg, magnesium; Mn, manganese; Ba, barium; As, arsenic; Cd, cadmium; Co, cobalt; Cr, chromium; Cs, cesium; Cu, copper; Hg, mercury; Ni, nickel; Pb, lead; Sr, strontium; Ti, titanium; U, uranium; V, vanadium; W, tungsten; Zn, zinc.