Table 1

Summary of data sources

BB:0–2BB:2–6Provided byDatasetTime period*Eligibility/coverageMotherChildIndicative/key data items
 ✓Trial participants’ maternal self-reportBaseline2009–2013Trial participantsYesNoSocioeconomic; maternal health and well-being; health behaviour; pregnancy complications, neonatal outcomes; feeding and development
 ✓Late pregnancy
 ✓6 monthsPostbirthYes
 ✓12 months
 ✓18 months
 ✓24 months
 ✓Maternity recordsMaternal outcomes2009–2010UKYesYesMaternal health and well-being; neonatal outcomes
 ✓GP recordsGP consultations2009–2013UKYesYesImmunisations; safeguarding
 ✓DoHAbortions2009–2013England and Wales; all abortions performed in the NHS or an approved independent sectorYesNoAbortions
 ✓ONSMortality records2009–2017UKYesYesMortality data
 ✓NHS Digital/HESInpatient2009–2017Any NHS hospital in EnglandYesYesInjuries and ingestions; subsequent pregnancies
Department for Education/NPDCIN2009–2017Registered with social services in England<18 yearsYesYesCIN status and CLA status
EYFSP2013–2017Public schools in England4 yearsNoYesIndicators of maltreatment; educational development and attainment; eligible for free school meals
Census2–19 years
Alt Provision2–19 years
PRU2–19 years
Key stage 12016–20175–7 yearsNoYes
  • *Trial started 2009; 2-year follow-up ended in 2013; 6-year follow-up ends in 2017.

  • A&E, accident and emergency; CIN, child in need; CLA, child looked after; DoH, Department of Health; EYFSP, Early Years Foundation Stage Profile; GP, general practitioner; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; NPD, National Pupil Database; ONS, Office for National Statistics; PCT, Primary Care Trust; PRU, pupil referral unit.