Table 2

Study outcomes

CIN status recorded at any time during the follow-up periodCIN status as of 31 March each year
(1) Objective measures of maltreatmentChild protection registration
Details of a child protection plan
CIN categorisation
CIN duration
Looked after status
CLA period of care
Legal status of CLA
Cause of death
(2) Associated measures of maltreatmentDNA appointments
Injuries and ingestions
(3) Intermediate FNP programme outcomesSubsequent pregnancies
(4) CostsHealth and social care resource use
(5) Child health, developmental and educational outcomesSpecial educational needs
Day care attendance
Early-years assessment
School attendance
Key stage 1 attainment
  • CIN, child in need; CLA, child looked after; DNA, did not attend; FNP, Family Nurse Partnership; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; NPD, National Pupil Database; ONS, Office for National Statistics.