Table 1

MEDLINE and Ovid search strategies

1. Trauma exp ‘Craniocerebral Trauma’/ OR ‘Craniocerebral Trauma’.ti,ab. OR ‘head head injur$‘.ti,ab. OR ‘traumatic brain injur$‘.ti,ab. OR Fracture.ti,ab. OR Injur$.ti,ab. OR exp ‘Motor Vehicles’/ OR ‘motor vehicle collision’.ti,ab. OR ‘motor vehicle crash’.ti,ab. OR ‘Traffic accidents’.ti,ab. OR Spinal Cord Injuries/ OR Spinal Cord Injur$.ti,ab. OR Spinal cord trauma?.ti,ab. OR Trauma?.ti,ab. OR Wound$.ti,ab. OR exp ‘Wounds and Injuries’/ 1 433 746
2. Criteria to evaluate overuse
De-adopt$.ti,ab. OR Decommission$.ti,ab. OR de-commission$.ti,ab. OR Deimplent$.ti,ab. OR De-list$.ti,ab. OR Disinvest$.ti,ab. OR dis-invest$.ti,ab. OR Do-not-do.ti,ab. OR Harm$.ti,ab. OR ‘patient harm’/ OR Inappropriate$.ti,ab. OR Ineffective$.ti,ab. OR ‘low quality’.ti,ab. OR ‘low value’.ti,ab. OR Misuse.ti,ab. OR ‘Health Services Misuse’/ OR (overuse$.ti,ab. not ‘overuse injury’.ti,ab.) OR ‘medical overuse’/ OR ‘poor quality’.ti,ab. OR ‘practice reversal’.ti,ab. OR ‘medical reversal’.ti,ab. OR Unnecessary.ti,ab. OR ‘Unnecessary Procedures’/ OR Unneeded.ti,ab. OR Wasteful.ti,ab.
328 122
3. Human animals only
Animals/ NOT humans/ 4 303 731
4. Years
(‘2006’ or ‘2007’ or ‘2008’ or ‘2009’ or ‘2010’ or ‘2011’ or ‘2012’ or ‘2013’ or ‘2014’ or ‘2015’ or ‘2016’).yr. 10061 541
5. (1 AND 2 AND 4) NOT 314 221
6. Limit 5 to English language13 230