1. Trauma exp ‘Craniocerebral Trauma’/ OR ‘Craniocerebral Trauma’.ti,ab. OR ‘head injur$‘.ti,ab. OR ‘traumatic brain injur$‘.ti,ab. OR Fracture.ti,ab. OR Injur$.ti,ab. OR exp ‘Motor Vehicles’/ OR ‘motor vehicle collision’.ti,ab. OR ‘motor vehicle crash’.ti,ab. OR ‘Traffic accidents’.ti,ab. OR Spinal Cord Injuries/ OR Spinal Cord Injur$.ti,ab. OR Spinal cord trauma?.ti,ab. OR Trauma?.ti,ab. OR Wound$.ti,ab. OR exp ‘Wounds and Injuries’/ 2 277 369
2. Criteria to evaluate overuse
De-adopt$.ti,ab. OR Decommission$.ti,ab. OR de-commission$.ti,ab. OR Deimplent$.ti,ab. OR De-list$.ti,ab. OR Disinvest$.ti,ab. OR dis-invest$.ti,ab. OR Do-not-do.ti,ab. OR Harm$.ti,ab. OR ‘patient harm’/ OR Inappropriate$.ti,ab. OR Ineffective$.ti,ab. OR ‘low quality’.ti,ab. OR ‘low value’.ti,ab. OR Misuse.ti,ab. OR ‘Health Services Misuse’/ OR (overuse$.ti,ab. not ‘overuse injury’.ti,ab.) OR ‘medical overuse’/ OR ‘poor quality’.ti,ab. OR ‘practice reversal’.ti,ab. OR ‘medical reversal’.ti,ab. OR Unnecessary.ti,ab. OR ‘Unnecessary Procedures’/ OR Unneeded.ti,ab. OR Wasteful.ti,ab.
557 153
3. Human animals only
Animals/ NOT humans/ 1 217 376
4. Years
(‘2006’ or ‘2007’ or ‘2008’ or ‘2009’ or ‘2010’ or ‘2011’ or ‘2012’ or ‘2013’ or ‘2014’ or ‘2015’ or ‘2016’).yr. 12 770 742
5. (1 AND 2 AND 4) NOT 3 35 182
6. limit 5 to English language 33 154