Table 1

Study participant characteristics

MorbiditiesPatients had on average 5.4 morbidities (eg, Parkinson’s disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension), which ranged from 2 to 16
Living arrangementsAll patients lived alone with the exception of one patient who lived with a spouse
MedicationsThe patients were prescribed on average 8.5 medications with a range of 5–17 medications
SexAll caregivers were female
Relationship to patientSeven were adult children, one was a spouse and one was a sibling
Duration of caregiver role6.25 on average with a range of 1–20 years
Healthcare professionals
Years of experienceLess than 1 year n=3
2–5 years n=14
6–10 years n=6
11–15 years n=12, more than 16 years n=15
Job statusFull time (n=39)
Part time (n=11)
Level of educationBaccalaureate n=24
Graduate n=17
College n=9