Table 2

UK-specific type 1 diabetes (T1D) registries and open-access resources

TitleType of collectionDiabetes subtypesRelatives of probandRecruitment age (years)Incident/prevalentMultiethnicBiological sample collectionAccessible data or biological samplesConsent to be approached about other research
Type 1 diabetes Warren repository25 DNA and cell lines (collected during 1990–1995)T1DMultiplex families (two affected children): at least one diagnosed <17 years of age and other(s) diagnosed <29 years, with two living parentsChildren and adultsPrevalentNo: white European onlyYes (DNA)YesUnknown
National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network, National register in Wales36 and regional registries in England37 AllNo<19Incident and prevalentYesNoNoNo
The Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration, Register and shared electronic patient recordAllNoChildren and adultsIncident and prevalentYesNoNoUnknown
The Scottish Health Research register SHARE26 Register of people living in Scotland who have declared their interest in taking part in health researchAll (supports recruitment to research across all clinical specialties, not diabetes-specific)Unknown>16UnknownYesStorage of remainder of routine clinical samplesUnknownYes