Table 4

Data collection for participants with incident T1D at 4–8 months postdiagnosis and at least 2 months after the time of recruitment

DataIncident T1D
Via medical records
Confirmation of, or change in classification of, diabetes subtypeX
Occurrence of diabetic ketoacidosis since diagnosis*X
Any change in diabetes treatment or dose, and concurrent medicationX
Clinical measures, including blood pressure, weight and heightX
Blood biochemistry including glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) (mmol/mol), fasting or random plasma glucose (mmol/L), oral glucose tolerance test results (mmol/L) if performed locally and C-peptide levels (nmol/L) if performed locallyX
Details of diabetes structured education offered/scheduled/completed*X
  • All data are collected from medical records.

  • *Collected for participants recruited from February 2015 onwards.

  • T1D, type 1 diabetes.