Table 1

Papers included in phase 1

Schemes to identify people living with dementia admitted to the ward: for example, a butterfly symbol above the patient’s bed to help identify people who have dementia, linked to a training programme and the collection of biographical history from the family carer 51
Dementia champion: healthcare staff (mainly nursing staff) are trained to champion dementia care issues, providing support to peers 27 39 40 70–72
Dementia nurse specialist: senior nurse working across the hospital as an expert in dementia to advise staff on treatment, care practices and liaise with community services 59 73
Staff training and education: training in dementia awareness and dementia care 9 10 28
Liaison psychiatry/mental health teams: specialist teams working across the hospital to assess mental health of patients and advise staff on treatment and care 74 62
Environmental adaptations: changes to clinical areas, including signage, new furniture and improved flooring and lighting 15 75
Specialist units for people living with dementia: include physical adaptations and specialist staff to treat the medical and psychological needs of people living with dementia 41 45 52 55 58
Use of person-centred care: model of care that prioritises the needs of the person 46