Table 1

Characteristics of the two intervention areas and the comparison area

CharacteristicsLambeth (Intervention)Lewisham(Intervention)Southwark(Comparison)
Resident population303 086275 885288 283
Age and gender
 Mean age33.734.633.7
 Median age31.033.032.0
 Female, %50.2151.0850.53
 Not deprived, %39.9038.4036.20
 Deprived 1–2 dimensions, %52.5053.9055.70
 Deprived 3–4 dimensions, %7.607.708.50
Education: 5+ O-levels/GCSEs, %40.7035.5037.40
Economically active, %46.5040.1042.20
 White, %57.1053.5054.20
 Mixed, %7.607.406.20
 Asian, %6.909.309.43
 Black, %26.0027.2026.90
 Arab, %00.500.90
 Other, %02.102.40
 Christian, %52.5052.8053.10
 Muslim, %8.506.447.10
 Other, %3.704.703.10
 No religion, %26.7027.2428.00
  • Education (no person in the household has at least level 2 education (GCSE Equiv) and no person aged 16–18 is a full-time student); Health and disability (any person in household with ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’ health or long-term health problem); Housing (household is overcrowded, is in a shared dwelling or has no central heating). 

  • Source: Office for National Statistics, Neighbourhood Statistics, 2011 census (;%20Deprivation dimensions: employment (any member of household that is not a full-time student that is unemployed or long-term sick).

  • GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Eduction.