Table 7

Management of patients by reason for presentation

Reason for MECS visit
N (%)
% of patients managed by the community optometristPatients with no ocular pathology identified (%)Patients referred to the HES (%)Patients referred to GP (%)
Red eye (n=777)79.31.314.74.5
Painful white eye (n=216)64.415.714.05.9
Flashes/floaters (n=236)61.610.625.91.4
Loss of vision (n=194)22.721.151.04.6
Headaches (n=112)11.651.89.826.8
Trauma (n=36)63.927.88.30.0
Diplopia (n=8)
Other (n=538)22.721.151.04.6
  • Swollen lid/lid lump 21.7%; Watery eyes 19.8%; Itchy eyes 10.0%; Foreign body sensation, sore/dry/gritty eyes 14.8%; A reason for MECS visit was not provided for six patients.

  • GP, general practitioner; HES, Hospital Eye Service; MECS, Minor Eye Conditions Scheme.