Table 6

Management of patients by provisional diagnosis

Optometrists’ provisional diagnosisPatients retained in the community (%)Patients referred to hospital (%)Patients referred to the GP (%)
Eyelid, lacrimal system, orbit (n=412)81.314.64.1
Diseases of the conjunctiva (n=408)
Disorders of the cornea and sclera (n=536)82.613.83.5
Disorders of the iris and ciliary body (n=29)3.493.13.4
Disorders of the lens (n=45)60400
Disorders of choroid and retina (n=96)6.390.63.1
Glaucoma (n=38)10.586.82.6
Disorders of vitreous body and globe (n=142)82.417.60
Disorders of optic nerve and visual pathway (n=6)01000
Disorders of ocular muscles, binocular movement, accommodation and refraction (n=63)87.311.11.6
Visual disturbances and blindness (n=58)60.324.115.5