Table 3

Correlations between proportion of pharmacies commissioned to provide services and population health data for local authorities in England

Pharmacy serviceHealth dataCorrelation (Spearman’s r)np Value
EHCUnder 18 pregnancy rate0.1611400.057
Chlamydia screeningNew sexually transmitted infections−0.078880.467
Supervised consumptionDeaths from substance use0.113790.321
Needle and syringe programmesDeaths from substance use−0.055770.633
Smoking cessation supportAdult smoking rate0.1561300.076
NHS Health ChecksDiabetes prevalence0.244450.107
NHS Health ChecksUnder-75 cardiovascular mortality−0.146450.338
Alcohol screening/interventionHospital admissions related to alcohol in adults0.321230.135
  • EHC, emergency hormonal contraception; NHS, National Health Service.