Table 5

Summary of preferences for more invasive management option by type of terminology*

StudyMore medicalised or more precise term/s (%)Less medicalised or less precise term/s (%)Difference (%)p Value
Copp 201719 705317>0.05§
McCaffery 201515 403370.23
Omer 201314 4732.514.5<0.001
Scherer 201318 74677>0.1§
Scherer 201525 60588>0.1§
Azam 201020 39 (4 operation, 35 cast)†19 (6 operation, 13 cast)‡20<0.025§
  • *Combined data where applicable and mean percentages reported, see online supplementary appendix 4 for explicit justification of categorisation of terminology.

  • †Broken bone, fracture, greenstick fracture, hairline fracture.

  • ‡Crack in the bone.

  • §Calculated significance using raw (Copp and Scherer) and published (Azam) data based on our classification of which terms were more medicalised.