Table 3

School absence among Bangladeshi schoolgirls, 2013

Indicatorsn/N%* or mean (SD)95% CI
Reported missing school during menstruation931/233241(36 to 46)
Mean no of days per menstrual cycle that adolescent schoolgirls reported missing schooln=9312.8 (1.4)
Reasons for missing school (multiple responses):
 Feel uncomfortable sitting beside boys during menstruation547/93159(56 to 63)
 Feel uncomfortable at school during menstruation287/93131(26 to 34)
 Remain sick186/93120(16 to 24)
 Heavy bleeding83/9319(6 to 15)
 No place to change rag/cloths48/9315(3 to 7)
 Forbidden by guardian40/9314(2 to 9)
  • *Weighted percentage for rural/urban balance and school size.