Table 1

Characteristics of Bangladeshi schools and girl students, 2013

Indicatorsn/N%* or mean (SD)95% CI
Type of school by grade level:
 Primary511/70076(73 to 80)
 Secondary189/70024(20 to 27)
Type of school by management:
 Government466/70067(64 to 70)
 Non-government234/70033(29 to 37)
Mean no of students per school
 Primaryn=511310 (288)
 Secondaryn=189559 (389)
Female teacher present at school:
 Primary2419/329761(57 to 65)
 Secondary1456/375322(19 to 25)
Mean age of interviewed studentsn=233212.8 (1)
Mean grade level of respondentsn=23326 (1.6)
Mean age at menarche (years)n=232611.9 (0.9)
  • *Weighted percentage for rural/urban balance and school size.