Table 4

The association of 25(OH)D level with all-cause mortality stratified by chronic illness in model 2

25(OH)D nmol/L quartiles first versus fourth (reference)25(OH)D nmol/L <25.0 vs 50.0–74.9 (reference)
HR95% CIp for interactionHR95% CIp for interaction
Chronic illness (first definition)*0.910.59
 No (n=5256)1.32(1.08 to 1.62)1.24(0.92 to 1.67)
 Yes (n=856)1.35(1.04 to 1.75)1.63(1.17 to 2.28)
Chronic illness (second definition)†0.530.28
 No (n=4007)1.12(0.86 to 1.46)1.05(0.70 to 1.56)
 Yes (n=2125)1.36(1.12 to 1.66)1.58(1.21 to 2.05)
  • Model 2 adjusted for season of blood draw, age, sex, body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, education and economic difficulties.

  • *265 subjects with missing information on chronic illness (first definition) at baseline were excluded.

  • †245 subjects with missing information on chronic illness (second definition) at baseline were excluded.

  • 25(OH)D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D.