Table 1

Characteristics of included studies by year

Study: authors (year)CountryMethodological approachPopulationInterventionComparatorCHEC* score
Kopach et al (2005)7 CanadaCost-effectivenessAutomation of medical documentation for entire hospital dischargeSpeech recognition technology—signatures generated electronically, final documents sent through email or e-faxDictation through telephone used to created voice file to be transcribed—paper based signatures and traditional mailing18
Colsman et al (2009)8 GermanyCost–analysisDermatology department including four physicians and three typistsElectronic medical record system combining laboratory, experimental findings, nursing performance indicators—separate text editor used for writing discharge lettersTypists used to create discharge document10
Aanesen et al (2010)9 NorwayCost–benefit10 hospital departments and nine primary care physiciansDischarge summary created electronically and sent electronicallyPaper-based discharge12
Mourad et al (2011)10 USACost–analysis600 bed quaternary care academic institutionNoteWriter with both free-test and autopopulated fields. Separate software tracks signatures and automatically triggers disseminationOrally dictated discharge notes7
  • *Consensus Health Economic Criteria list.