Table 2

Professional status of attendees and clinical areas of focus for the events (n=116 845)

CharacteristicsNumber of eventsPer cent
Professional status of attendees*
 Medical specialists80 06068.5
 Nurses46 21439.6
 Trainees44 77438.3
 Primary care doctors24 66221.1
Clinical areas of focus
 Oncology22 98719.7
 Surgery13 30611.4
 Endocrinology12 65510.8
 Respiratory medicine76596.6
 Infectious diseases33482.9
 Palliative care13191.1
 Intensive care11471.0
 Sexual health9550.8
 Internal medicine4180.4
 Nuclear medicine3570.3
  • *Percentages do not add to 100 because multiple types of professionals could attend an event.