Table 1

Illustrative examples of industry-sponsored events*

CompanyDateEvent contentVenueProfessional status of attendeesHospitality providedTotal cost of hospitalityNumber of attendeesTotal costs of function
AstraZenecaSep. −15Educational Event - Dinner meeting
Going for Goal: Optimising Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes and Incretin Based Therapies; and On the Road to Glycemic Control.
2 hours educational content
Hotel Realm Barton,
General Practice Nursing EndocrinologyDinner with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages$2087.2732$3305.45 includes 1 speaker fee for
AstraZenecaMar. −15Educational Event - Lunch meeting Restless Legs. 1 hour educational contentThe Golden Horse Footscray, VICGeneral Practice Respiratory MedicineLunch$248.8210$848.82 includes speaker fee for $600
NovartisFeb. −15Sponsorship of Journal Club on: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 1 hour educational contentGold Coast University Hospital Southport,
Medical Students, Nurses, PharmacistsAfternoon Tea$184 includes Food & Beverages for 20 delegates $18420$184 includes Total Hospitality: $184
NovartisMar. −14Sponsorship of Day Seminar on:
8 hours educational content
Alfred Health Melbourne, VICCardiologists, Nurses, Registrars, Renal Physicians, Surgeons, Transplant PhysiciansBreakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Light Refreshments, Morning Tea, Non-Alcoholic Beverages$2498 includes
Food & Beverages for 120 delegates: $2498
120$2,665 Includes
Total Hospitality: $2,498 Speaker Costs: Meal (for 8 speakers): $167
Merck Sharp & Dohme AustraliaOct. −11Oncology Journal Club [hours of education=1]Mercy Women's Hospital, Heidelberg, VICOncologists, NursesFood & beveragesfood & bev 19.64, Total Hospitality 19.645Total Costs $19.64
Merck Sharp & Dohme AustraliaOct. - 11Evening educational meeting ‘Introducing Zoely and other Emerging Trends in Contraception’ [hours of education=2.5]Boathouse by the Lake, Barton, ACTObstetricians and GynaecologistFood & beveragesfood & bev 1432.72, Total Hospitality 1432.7225speaker fee 688.36, speaker food & bev $59.07,Total Cost $2180.15
Roche ProductsApr. −14Multi Disciplinary Breast Cancer Clinical Review Meeting Educational Content=1 hourRoyal Adelaide Hospital North Terrace
Adelaide, SA
Surgery Doctor Oncology Doctor Oncology Nurse Pathology DoctorLunch24713247
Roche ProductsJan. - 13Grand Rounds
Educational Content=1 hour 15 mins
Bunbury Regional Hospital Bussell Highway
Hospital Healthcare ProfessionalsLunch$27220$272
Pfizer AustraliaApr. −13Pfizer Australia provided Sponsorship for Healthcare Professional to attend The European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ECCMID) 2013. Educational Content - 33.75 hour(s).International Congress Centrum, Berlin, GermanyInfectious Disease SpecialistRegistration Fee (1 attendee $878), Travel (Flights $8,196, Transfers $219), Accommodation (6 Room Nights $1,562)$10 8551$10 855.00
Pfizer AustraliaJun. −15Journal Club - Chronic Pain, Educational Content - 1 hour(s).Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, East Melbourne, VICPalliative Care Nurse; Palliative Care PhysicianMeal / Drinks$15615$156
  • *Illustrative examples extracted verbatim from Medicines Australia transparency reports.