Table 2

Process measures

ComponentOver a 6-month periodNH1NH2
ScopingICL visits to NH prior to implementation82
ScopingICL visits to external HCPs prior to implementation2—palliative care nurse and GP0
All componentsICL visits to NH during implementation6453
All componentsICL visits to external HCPs during implementation1—palliative care nurse1—palliative care Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist
1a) Individual holistic resident assessmentsIndividual assessments completed1515
1a) Individual holistic resident assessmentsNumber of discussions with family members (not number of family members)1524
1b) Weekly core meetingsNumber of meetings10 core meetings with GP, deputy manager and nurse from relevant floor (GP missed one meeting)8 core meetings with manager and a nurse. GP attended first two meetings
1b) Weekly core meetingsIndividualised assessments discussed at core meeting1513
1b) Weekly core meetingsIndividual reviews completed15*
1b) Weekly core meetingsReferrals made to external HCPs6 (2 × community mental health team; 2 × speech and language therapist; 2 × occupational therapist)4 (3 × old age psychiatrist; 1 × manual handling trainer)
1c) Monthly wider team meetingsNumber of meetings6 meetings; usually with geriatrician, GP, palliative care nurse, Triage and Rapidly Elderly Assessment Team, NH nursing staff and deputy manager (and/or manager)Wider meetings not established. The ICL was able to arrange one meeting with the palliative care nurse, NH manager and deputy manager
1c) Monthly wider team meetingsNumber of residents assessed by ICL discussed11Not applicable
2) EducationNumber of training sessions (total number of attendees)9 (84)5 (21)
  • *No formal reviews involving reassessment were completed at NH2, although there was subsequent discussion of many of the residents at subsequent meetings.

  • GP, general practitioner; HCP, health care professional; ICL, interdisciplinary care leader; NH, nursing home; NH1, nursing home 1; NH2, nursing home 2.