Table 3

Factor loadings of nine author contributions on three main factors (‘Final approval of the article’ was omitted, and loadings <0.3 are not shown)

Dimension 1 (Thinker)Dimension 2 (Scribe)Dimension 3 (Soldier)
Conception and design of the study0.70 (0.55)
Analysis and interpretation of the data0.66 (0.55)
Drafting of the article0.60 (0.41)
Critical revision of the article for important intellectual content0.69 (0.56)
Provision of study materials or patients0.64 (0.52)
Statistical expertise0.76 (0.67)
Obtaining of funding0.65 (0.55)
Administrative, technical, or logistical support0.58 (0.47)
Collection and assembly of data0.75 (0.65)
  • Same analysis based on tetrachoric correlations in parentheses.