Table 4

Trials comparing glibenclamide to metformin

First authorYearLocationNoDiagnostic test and thresholds used to diagnose GDM (mmol/L)Screening strategya Outcome
George76 2015India159100 g OGTT two or more; fasting >5.3 or 1 hour >10.0 or 2 hours >8.6Not reportedBW, GA at birth, macrosomia, hypoglycaemia
Moore75 2010USA149100 g OGTT two or more; fasting >5.3 or 2 hours >6.750 g OGCT>7.2BW, C-section, GA at birth, macrosomia, hypoglycaemia, NICU admission, pre-eclampsia, shoulder dystocia
Silva77 2012Brazil20075 g OGTT fasting >5.3 or 1 hour >10.0 or 2 hours >8.0No screeningApgar 5 min, BW, C-section, GA at birth, LGA, macrosomia, hypoglycaemia, NICU admission
  • BW, birth weight; C-section, caesarean section; GA, gestational age; GDM, gestational diabetes mellitus; LGA, large for gestational age; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.