Table 3

Percent pseudo-R 2 statistics for unadjusted univariate models of sensitivity, specificity, univariate model of Youden’s index and bivariate model of sensitivity and specificity (n=148)

Case definition criteriaUnivariate model sensitivityUnivariate model specificityUnivariate model Youden’s indexBivariate model
Physician diagnoses28.8*36.9*82.6*19.2*
Physician diagnosis observation time25.2*28.9*77.4*16.0*
Specialist diagnoses0.62.1*25.5*8.0*
≥60 days between physician diagnoses1.4*1.9*9.2*7.7*
Exclusion criteria A4.1*1.312.7*9.5*
Exclusion criteria B3.1*1.19.7*7.0*
Hospital diagnoses1.*
ER diagnoses0.20.0213.9*1.3
RA-related medications, excluding steroids2.4*4.5*0.61.9
RA-related medications, including steroids1.
  • Exclusion criteria A excluded individuals with 2+ physician diagnosis codes with a different rheumatology diagnosis than an RA diagnosis; exclusion criteria B excluded individuals whose RA diagnosis was not confirmed by a specialist.

  • *Indicate estimates that were statistically significant at α=0.01.

  • ER, emergency room; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.