Table 1

RA case definition criteria and attributes

Case definition criteriaAttributes
Age group (years)20+, 65+
Diagnoses in hospital discharge records0, 1+
Diagnoses in ER records0, 1+
Diagnoses in physician records0, 1+, 2+, 3+
Specialist physician diagnoses0, 1+
Length of physician diagnosis observation timenever, ≤1 year, ≤2 years, ≤5 years, unlimited
≥60 days between physician diagnosesYes, no
Exclusion criteria AYes, no
Exclusion criteria BYes, no
RA-related medications, including steroids0, 1+
RA-related medications, excluding steroids0, 1+
  • Exclusion criteria A excluded individuals with 2+ physician diagnosis codes with a different rheumatology diagnosis than an RA diagnosis; exclusion criteria B excluded individuals for whom the RA diagnosis was not confirmed by a specialist. Note: the attributes for age group, diagnoses in physician records and length of physician diagnosis observation time are not mutually exclusive.

  • ER, emergency room; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.