Table 2

Clinical and biological data collection planning

D0*D1 (D2)D2‡D3/4D5/7D13/18D26/36D52/68D90
Inclusion/exclusion criteriax§
Consent formx§
Description of hospital stayx§
IGS II scorex§
McCabe scorex§
CHARLSON scorex§
Documentation of thex§
septic shock, surgery,
burn or trauma
SOFA scorexxxxX
Treatments against infectionsSteadilyxxxx
Therapeutic managementSteadily
Exposition to medical devicesSteadily
Surveillance of healthcareSteadilyx x x x
associated infections
Concomitant eventsSteadilyxxxx
Vital status**xxxx
Life quality (EQ5D)x
PAXgene tube samplingxxxxXxxx
EDTA tubes samplingxxxxXxxx
Heparin tubes samplingxxxxXxxx
Lactatex†† x†† x†† x†† x††
pHx†† x†† x†† x†† x††
Liver results (ASAT, ALAT, PAL)x†† x†† x†† x†† x††
Procalcitoninx†† x†† x†† x†† x†† x†† x†† x†† x††
Serology (CMV, HSV1)X§
  • *Only for patients of the surgery group

  • †For the septic shock and burn patients: The enrollment at D2 will be accepted if D1 is not available

  • ‡Only for patients of the trauma group

  • §Evaluation on day 0 for patients of the surgery group (not repeated on day 1)

  • ¶Only if related to a new hospitalisation

  • **Also at ICU release and Hospital release

  • ††If available