Table 1

Percentages of respondents for various levels of the selected predictors in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan

Background characteristicsPercentages of respondents
Bangladesh (n=7760)Nepal (n=5140)Pakistan (n=11 040)
Age of child, months
Type of place of residence
Mother’s education
 Incomplete primary32.761.062.5
 Incomplete secondary51.525.319.6
 Secondary or higher15.813.717.9
Access to electronic media
 No access38.715.229.8
 Have access61.384.870.2
Age of mother at the time of survey, years
Source of drinking water
 Not improved/not in premises21.136.122.9
 Improved in premises78.963.977.1
Toilet facility
No of adults per room
 More than two adults40.943.271.7
 Up to two adults59.156.828.3
Household cooking facility
 Not ideal9.657.459.8
Household floor material
 Not mud31.124.6527