Table 2

Associations between childhood morbidity (diarrhoea or ARI) in 2 weeks preceding the survey and background characteristics of children

Background characteristicsBangladeshNepalPakistan
% Diarrhoea% ARI% Diarrhoea% ARI% Diarrhoea% ARI
Childhood ARI/diarrhoea in last 2 weeks
 Not experienced5.
 χ2 14.27*14.27*55.65*55.65*145.59*145.59*
Age of child, months
 χ2 21.89*41.15*150.24*24.46*308.76*52.81*
Place of residence
 χ2 0.015.66****
Mother’s educational status
 Incomplete primary6.
 Incomplete secondary6.
 Secondary or higher3.83.310.54.118.513.4
 χ2 9.93*15.37*7.75†1.0422.26*10.84*
Wealth status of household
 χ2 3.6619.76*5.0312.92*36.23*10.58*
Access to electronic media
 No access6.
 Have access5.
 χ2 4.87†3.392.830.031.420.03
Age of mother at the time of survey, years
 χ2 0.8620.72*2.641.4743.87*7.09**
Source of drinking water
 Unimproved/not in premises6.
 Improved in premises5.
 χ2 5.25†2.330.
Toilet facility
 χ2 0.4115.55*11.28*2.738.14**0.47
No of adults per room
 More than two adults5.05.314.84.822.715.7
 Up to two adults6.15.413.14.621.916.2
 χ2 3.93†
Household cooking fuel
 Not ideal7.
 χ2 6.89*11.85*5.53**5.50**14.65*3.00†
Household floor material
 Not mud4.94.412.53.621.715.9
  • The figures for various levels of predictors represent the percentage of children experiencing disease

  • *p<0.01.

  • **p<0.05.

  • †p<0.1.

  • ARI, acute respiratory infection.