Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the patients

ID Age
Gender Chronic pain duration in years Pain intensity
P. 136–40Female5–105
P. 246–50Male5–105
P. 361–65Male5–105
P. 426–30Male5–106
P. 571–75Female<10
P. 656–60Female>107
P. 736–40Male1–37
P. 836–40Female<17
P. 951–55Male3–510
P. 1051–55Female3–57
P. 1141–45Female1–35
P. 1236–40Female>18
P. 1351–55Male5–1010
P. 1461–65Female>105
P. 1551–55Male3–59
P. 1651–55Female1–36
P. 1746–50Female>104
P. 1826–30Female1–35
P. 1946–50Male>107
  • Adapted and modified from Hadi et al.13