Table 1

Overview of identified studies

AuthorsPopulationCountryIntervention(s) and comparator(s)Vaccination coverage in paper and actual reported vaccination coverage13
InterventionComparatorReported vaccination coverage rate13
Comparison of vaccination types
Baio et al 23*Unknown risk aged ≥65ItalyMF59 adjuvanted vaccination vs standard non-adjuvanted vaccination100%100%63%
Meier et al 24 Mixed risk aged ≥65 (48% high risk)UKQuadrivalent influenza vaccination vs trivalent influenza vaccination71.3%71.3%76%
Piercy et al (2004)25 High-risk (suffering from lung or heart disease) elderly people aged ≥65FranceMF59 adjuvanted vaccination vs standard non-adjuvanted vaccination61%61%53%
Comparison of vaccination strategies
Allsup et al 26 Low risk aged 65–74UKInactivated influenza vaccination vs no intervention60%20%76%
Baio et al 23*Unknown risk aged ≥65ItalyMF59 adjuvanted vaccination or standard non-adjuvanted vaccination vs no intervention100%0%63%
Brydak et al 29 Mixed risk aged ≥65 (50% high risk)PolandReimbursed vaccination vs no intervention40%13.5%12%
Lugner et al 30 Mixed risk aged ≥65 (73%–100% high risk)Germany, Netherlands and UKVaccination vs no intervention90%0%56% Germany
74% Netherlands
76% UK
Postma et al 28 Mixed risk aged ≥65 (35% high risk)NetherlandsVaccination vs no intervention83% high risk 65% low risk68% high risk
27% low risk
Scuffham and West31 Unknown risk aged ≥65 or 60England and Wales, France, and GermanyOpportunistic vaccination vs no vaccination, comprehensive vaccination vs no intervention53% opportunistic vaccination
65%–75% comprehensive vaccination
0%76% UK
53% France
56% Germany
  • Note: High risk refers to the elderly population with another condition or circumstance that places them at a greater risk for complications, for example, respiratory conditions. Low risk refers to the elderly population, who aside from being older, would not be considered to fall into any high-risk categories.

  • *Note that the study by Baio et al 23 directly compared vaccination types, as well as comparing both vaccination types to no vaccination.