Table 3

ORs for poor self-rated health by demographic, objective health status and health behaviour variables among Estonians aged 50+ years, 2011 (SHARE Wave 4, Estonia, n=6 660)

VariablesAdjusted model
OR95% CIOverall p value
 Women0.830.70 to 0.98
Age (years)<0.0001
 65–791.040.86 to 1.28
 80+1.310.94 to 1.83
Country of birth<0.0001
 Other1.481.24 to 1.77
Partner in household0.206
 No0.910.77 to 1.08
 Higher education1
 Secondary education1.711.43 to 2.04
 Basic education2.502.06 to 3.00
Employment status<0.0001
 Retired2.001.65 to 2.44
 Other (homemaker, ill, etc)1.491.16 to 1.93
Activity limitations<0.0001
 Yes (severely+moderately limited)3.252.77 to 3.80
Long-term illnesses<0.0001
 Yes4.784.08 to 5.60
 Not smoking+never smoked1
 Yes1.230.93 to 1.35
Alcohol consumption<0.0001
 1–2 days per month0.730.62 to 0.87
 1–4 days per week0.650.52 to 0.82
 5–7 days per week0.750.51 to 1.11
Vigorous physical activity<0.0001
 More than once a week1
 Once a week1.561.26 to 1.93
 1–3 times per month1.611.25 to 2.08
 Rarely/never2.301.90 to 2.79
Moderate physical activity0.103
 More than once a week1
 Once a week1.000.79 to 1.27
 1–3 times per month0.820.57 to 1.18
 Rarely/never1.411.02 to 1.94
Eating fruits and vegetables0.59
 Less than daily1.170.99 to 1.34
Eating dairy products0.573
 Less than daily1.040.89 to 1.22
Eating legumes and eggs0.006
 Daily or 3–6 times per week1
 Less often1.251.08 to 1.45
Eating meat, chicken and fish0.409
 Less than daily0.940.81 to 1.10
Satisfaction with life<0.0001
 Higher (6–10 points)1
 Lower (0–5 points)2.281.92 to 2.71