Table 2

Top 10 ‘Suspicion of Sepsis’ diagnoses associated with death in Oxford Academic Health Science Network region (2013–2014)

DiagnosisDeaths (n)Admissions (n)Mortality (%)LOSReadmission (%)
1. J18.1—Lobar pneumonia, unspecified990526518.89.86.3
2. J18.9—Pneumonia, unspecified483312615.59.67.1
3. N39.0—Urinary tract infection, site not specified28570884.09.06.4
4. A41.9—Sepsis, unspecified280188214.99.210.7
5. J69.0—Pneumonitis due to food and vomit26077633.514.15.0
6. J18.0—Bronchopneumonia, unspecified24243256.010.55.8
7. J44.0—Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with acute lower respiratory infection18428546.47.211.3
8. J22.X—Unspecified acute lower respiratory infection16738084.46.57.4
9. L03.1—Cellulitis of other parts of limb6229832.16.97.5
10. K63.1—Perforation of intestine (non-traumatic)5113637.513.05.9
n=3004 n=28 350 m=19.3 m=9.6 m=7.3
  • LOS, length of stay.