Table 2

Distribution of poor SRH by health-related variables among the population aged 50+ years in Estonia, 2011 (SHARE Wave 4, Estonia, n=6660)

VariablesPoor SRH% (row)Total% (column)
 Missing values130.2
Alcohol consumption
 Not at all221882.1270240.6
 1–2 days per month179365.8272340.9
 1–4 days per week58359.298214.7
 5–7 days per week15863.62323.5
 Missing values210.3
Vigorous physical activity
 More than once a week138156.7243436.6
 Once a week57664.788613.3
 1–3 times per month42971.65999
 Very seldom/not at all236786.9272240.8
 Missing values190.3
Moderate physical activity
 More than once a week300366.1453868.1
 Once a week61374.881712.3
 1–3 times per month26180.13264.9
 Very seldom/not at all87991.296414.5
 Missing values150.2
Eating fruits and vegetables
 Less than daily163676.3214132.2
 Missing values160.2
Eating dairy products
 Less than daily153574.0207331.1
 Missing values170.3
Eating meat, fish or chicken
 Less than daily219474.5294444.2
 Missing values150.2
Eating legumes and eggs
 Daily or 3–6 times per week156668.2229534.5
 Less often318373.3434165.2
 Missing values240.4
Satisfaction with life
 Lower (0–5 points)178185.8207631.2
 Higher (6–10 points)281764.6436365.5
 Missing values2213.3
  • SHARE, Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe; SRH, self-rated health.