Table 1

Diagnostic fields recorded in HES records among patients diagnosed with high-grade dysplasia of the oesophagus in the national oesophagogastric cancer audit

Oesophageal codes recodedFrequency(%)Number with code for Barrett’s oesophagusNumber without code for Barrett’s oesophagus
 K227Barrett’s oesophagus with no additional codes20044200NA
 C15xMalignant neoplasm of oesophagus57132433
 C160Malignant neoplasm of gastric cardia
 D001Carcinoma in situ oesophagus13367
 D130Benign neoplasm of oesophagus164610
 D377Neoplasm of uncertain/unknown behaviour in oral cavity and digestive organs
 K221Oesophageal ulcer2961415
 K20x, K21xOther benign oesophageal pathology not otherwise accounted for78174335
 K22x*, K23x
No oesophageal pathology recorded5913NA59
  • *Excluding K227 (Barrett’s oesophagus) and K221 (oesophageal ulcer).