Partner (n)Salaried/locum (n)Difference (p value)
I feel informed about what the CCG is trying to achieve0.61 (1049)0.40 (82)0.21 (p<0.001)
I understand how my CCG operates0.53 (892)0.28 (55)0.25 (p<0.001)
I know how to contact the CCG0.85 (1622)0.57 (129)0.28 (p<0.001)
When I contact the CCG they are responsive to my queries or concerns0.58 (658)0.41 (34)0.17 (0.003)
My CCG has members’ meetings to which I am invited0.87 (1625)0.52 (95)0.35 (p<0.001)
I can influence the work of the CCG if I choose to0.46 (731)0.36 (59)0.10 (0.021)