Table 1

General practitioners' knowledge of and engagement with CCG, by role, gender, contract and age

Respondent agrees that:Formal role (number agreeing)No formal role (number agreeing)Difference (p value)
I feel informed about what the CCG is trying to achieve0.87 (222)0.55 (858)0.33 (p<0.001)
I understand how my CCG operates0.85 (215)0.45 (692)0.40 (p<0.001)
Decisions made by the CCG reflect my views0.72 (150)0.14 (173)0.58 (p<0.001)
I know how to contact the CCG0.99 (274)0.79 (1392)0.20 (p<0.001)
When I contact the CCG they are responsive to my queries or concerns0.87 (189)0.50 (474)0.37 (p<0.001)
The CCG is owned by its members and feels like ‘our organisation’0.58 (131)0.18 (266)0.40 (p<0.001)
My CCG has members’ meetings to which I am invited0.96 (261)0.82 (1380)0.14 (p<0.001)
I can influence the work of the CCG if I choose to0.80 (195)0.40 (565)0.40 (p<0.001)