Table 7

Preliminary synthesis for the secondary outcome measures at baseline and after intervention: body weight, pain and QOL comparing the combined intervention programme with usual care

CategoryOutcome measureAssessment point (months)StudyIntervention groupControl group
M0 (SD0)N0M1 (SD1)N1M0 (SD0)N0M1 (SD1)N1
PainPain scale (WOMAC)6Messier et al, 2004457.3 (3.6)765.5 (3.7)637.3 (3.4)786.2 (3.9)70
Pain scale (WOMAC)18Messier et al, 2004457.3 (3.6)765.1 (3.6)587.3 (3.4)786 (3.7)67
physical component
Average of 6 and 18Rejeski et al., 20024635.39 (10.5)6840.57 (N/A)*N/A33.60 (8.4)6840.57 (N/A)*N/A
mental component
Average of 6 and 18Rejeski et al., 20024652.85 (10.7)6853.51 (N/A)*N/A52.70 (10.9)6853.31 (N/A)*N/A
  • M0 (SD0), mean and SD at baseline; N0, participants number at baseline; M1 (SD1), mean and SD after intervention; N1, participants number after intervention; N/A, data not available, *, only SEM data available; SD1 data could not be calculated due to missing N1 value.