Table 1

Descriptive and quantitative data for outdoor non-alcoholic beverage ads†‡1 2

CategoryCoca-ColaPepsiNestleOther brandsTotal
SSB* 59.7% (n=46)3.9% (n=3)9.1% (n=7)0.0% (n=0)72.7% (n=56)
Child targeted2.6% (n=2)1.3% (n=1)3.9% (n=3)2.6% (n=2)10.4% (n=8)
Cultural relevance26.0% (n=20)0.0% (n=0)19.5% (n=15)1.3% (n=1)46.8% (n=36)
Health reference0.0% (n=0)0.0% (n=0)3.9% (n=3)5.2% (n=4)9.1% (n=7)
Fitness reference0.0% (n=0)0.0% (n=0)6.5% (n=5)1.3% (n=1)7.8% (n=6)
Total59.7% (n=46)3.9% (n=3)22.1% (n=17)14.3% (n=11)100% (n=77)
  • *Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) were classified by the presence of high fructose corn syrup or added sugar in publicly available ingredient lists. 

  • †The brand and product in 2 of the 77 photos could not be identified clearly.

  • ‡One ad promoted Fanta and two promoted Sprite, but both were SSBs owned by the Coca-Cola Company.