Table 2

Caller experience

Caller experienceApril–September 2014
(n=11 572)
October 2014–March 2015
(n=13 138)
April–September 2015
(n=12 185)
October 2015–March 2016
(n=10 950)
All surveys
(n=47 845)
Very satisfied with 111 experience68.8%68.0%70.3%64.6%68.0%
Fairly satisfied with 111 experience18.1%19.7%19.1%19.7%19.2%
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with 111 experience3.8%4.3%4.1%4.8%4.3%
Dissatisfied with 111 experience*6.1%6.1%5.3%6.9%6.1%
No view on satisfaction with 111 experience3.2%1.9%1.2%4.0%2.5%
No response1.4%0.1%1.2%6.2%2.1%
  • Percentages for responses to satisfaction questions were calculated by the authors using the sum of valid responses as denominator (rows 1 to 5 sum to 100%).

  • No response was calculated by the authors, subtracting the sum of recorded responses' satisfaction questions from number responding to the survey (as reported in the MDS).

  • *The MDS collapses the ‘fairly dissatisfied’ and ‘very dissatisfied’ categories into one.

  • MDS, minimum data set; n, number of people responding to the survey as reported in the MDS.