Table 5

Predictors of low ratings on the performance of the current Chinese health insurance system: findings from logistical regression modelling

Variables OR95% CI
Level of education
 University undergraduate degree1.0410.7661.416
 Master’s degree1.0290.7001.515
 Doctoral degree2.1641.2063.885
 Without a tertiary degree (reference)
Expectations of insurance arrangements
 Scope of covered services
  Medical treatment and preventive care plus fringe benefits1.4881.0772.055
  Medical treatment and preventive care1.2900.9601.735
  Medical treatment only (reference)
Structural design of health insurance programmes
 Provider payment
  Rational (reference)
 Legal assurance
  Complete (reference)
Operations management of patient claims
 Supervision and administration of funds
  Effective (reference)
 Bargaining power
  Good (reference)
 Portability of entitlements
  Good (reference)
Perceived impacts of health insurance
 Financial protection
  Effective (reference)
 Cost containment
  Effective (reference)
 Healthcare equity
  Effective (reference)