Table 1

SLATE algorithm screens

ScreenOverall purpose of screenReasons for screening outJustificationIf screen out, anticipated next step
Symptom reportIdentify self-reported conditions that require additional investigationCurrent cough, fever, night sweats or recent weight lossThese symptoms comprise the WHO-recommended TB symptom screen16 Referral for TB test
Persistent headache for >2 daysSymptom of cryptococcal meningitis17 18 Referral for CrAg screening
Other self-reported symptomsOther symptoms could indicate the need for further clinical investigationReferral for additional clinical consultation
Medical historyThrough self-report identify individuals on concurrent medications or who may struggle with adherenceOn ART previouslyPatients who have been on ART in the past may require additional adherence counsellingReferral for additional counselling session
Started TB treatment within the past 2 weeksGuidelines recommend a 2-week delay in ART initiation for patients starting TB treatmentAppointment for ART initiation immediately after the 2-week window has passed
Concurrent medications for epilepsy or current warfarinThese medications can interact with ARVsReferral for additional clinical or pharmacy consultation
Current substance abuseUse of recreational drugs or overuse of alcohol can create challenges for chronic medication adherenceReferral for additional counselling session
Physical examinationRecord weight, height, temperature and blood pressure and identify any observable conditions that require additional investigationAny conditions that call for further investigation prior to ART initiationPatient may identify previously unreported symptoms or clinician may observe conditions that indicate a need for further clinical investigation before starting ARTReferral for additional clinical consultation
Readiness assessmentConfirm that the patient feels ready to start ART todayResponses that indicate reluctance, hesitation or concerns in starting and adhering to treatmentCreates a structured opportunity for clinician and patient to discuss any concerns that the patient has not yet raisedReferral for additional counselling and follow-up support as indicated
  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; CrAg, cryptococcal antigen; SLATE, Simplified Algorithm for Treatment Eligibility; TB, tuberculosis.