Table 6A

Shortlist outcome measures parents (rated and prioritised)

RankOutcome measureAverage ratingPercentage
Adequately treated
1Comfortable/happy baby3.7981
2No or less pain3.7479
3No or less crying3.7279
4Less irritable/nervous3.5870
5Better infant sleep3.4460
6Infant improves on intervention3. 3349
7No other gastrointestinal symptoms3. 3740
8Good/more appetite2.9133%
Inadequately treated
1Worsening of symptoms3.8891
2Constant crying/cannot be soothed3.4284
3Gastrointestinal symptoms3.2379
4Sleeping problems3.0065
5Appearance of new symptoms3.3354
6No clear effect of treatment3.1658
7Refuses to eat/lack of appetite2.9863