Table 3

Multilevel linear regression-derived estimates of the association between educators’ practices and children’s physical activity (PA)

Educators’ PA promotion practicesTotal PA (min/day)Moderate to vigorous PA (min/day)Light intensity PA (min/day)Sedentary activity (min/day)
β95% CIβ95% CIβ95% CIβ95% CI
Formal PA promotion−0.382−4.05 to 3.30−0.024−0.07 to 0.020.280−3.14 to 3.710.002−0.01 to 0.01
Informal PA promotion−0.748−4.43 to 2.960.004−0.98 to 0.05−0.524−3.97 to 2.940.003−0.01 to 0.01
Overall PA practices−0.388−2.54 to 1.78−0.007−0.03 to 0.02−0.082−2.10 to 1.940.001−0.01 to 0.01
  • Estimates are adjusted for province, rurality, socioeconomic status of the region and number of children in the childcare centre. Fixed effect variance ranged from 1.7% to 4.6%. Random effect variance ranged from 11.6% to 19.7%.