Table 4

Item scores in job satisfaction, work stress, work–family conflict, and turnover intention

Job satisfaction* 3.93±1.00 Work–family conflict* 3.65±0.94
Colleagues4.71±1.10Work keeps me from family activities3.85±1.19
The work itself4.39±1.33Time I devote to job keeps me from participating in household activities3.93±1.14
Promotions3.73±1.43Miss family activities due to work3.93±1.11
Remunerations3.03±1.48Problem-solving behaviours make no sense at home3.69±1.12
Environment3.56±1.45Behaviour that is effective and necessary at work would be counterproductive at home3.30±1.08
Facility3.41±1.39Behaviours make me effective at work do not help me to be a better parent or spouse3.48±1.23
Current job3.93±1.31Too frazzled to participate in family activities3.62±1.21
Superiors4.66±1.25Drain prevents me from contributing to family3.51±1.25
Work stress* 4.17±1.17 Owing to the pressures from work, I do not want to do favourite things at home3.55±1.26
Feel great pressure from work4.73±1.21 Turnover intention* 2.71±1.31
Feel a high level of tension from work4.91±1.19Thought of leaving the organisation you served now2.79±1.46
Trouble falling asleep because of work3.62±1.55Thought of leaving this industry3.01±1.61
Feel nervous because of work3.52±1.53Looking for a new job recently2.83±1.56
Looking for a new job next year2.21±1.35
  • * The overall perception of the four dimensions mentioned in table 4 for each respondent was the mean scores of the corresponding items.