Table 1

Characteristics of randomised clinical trials included in systematic review of effects

StudyNumber of patients enrolledComparatorPatients age (mean)% femalesROA >50%*Pain measure†Baseline mean intervention (SD)Baseline mean control (SD)Function measure†Baseline mean (SD)Baseline mean control (SD)
Chang, 19933434Close needle joint lavage62.871.6YAIMS pain65 (20)61 (21)AIMS physical function23 (16)17 (10)
Gauffin, 201435150Exercise therapy54.527.3NKOOS pain55 (18)58 (18)KOOS ADL65 (18)68 (22)
Herrlin, 2007,36 20133796Exercise therapy5438.9NKOOS pain56 (18)63 (21)KOOS ADL68 (21)73 (20)
Katz, 201338351Exercise therapy58.456.7YKOOS pain54 (16)53 (16)WOMAC function37 (18)38 (18)
Kirkley, 200839188Exercise therapy59.662.9YWOMAC pain52 (21)43 (24)WOMAC function51 (21)43 (23)
Kise, 201613140Exercise therapy49.639YKOOS pain68 (15)63 (21)KOOS ADL80 (16)75 (22)
Moseley, 200240119Sham surgery52.85YSF-36 body pain39 (19)38 (18)SF-36 physical function42 (22)47 (23)
Osteras, 20124117Exercise therapy49.723.6NVAS37 (10)35 (17)NM
Saeed, 201542120Hyaluronic acid injectionNR81.7NRKnee society score‡NRNRKnee society score‡NRNR
Sihvonen, 201343146Sham surgery5239NVAS58 (20)61 (20)Lysholm knee score‡NANA
Stensrud, 20154482Exercise therapy48.935.4NOrdinal scaleNRNROrdinal scaleNRNR
Vermesan, 201345114Steroid injection58.479.2NROxford knee score‡NRNROxford knee score‡NRNR
Yim, 201346108Exercise therapy56.879.4NVAS52 (18)49 (15)Lysholm score‡NANA
  • *Based on Kellgren-Lawrence classification. Grades 2–4 were considered radiographic OA.

  • †All measures were converted to 0–100 scale. Higher scores mean less pain and better function.

  • ‡Instrument combines pain and function together.

  • ADL, Function in Daily Living; AIMS, Arthritis Impact Measurement Scale; KOOS, Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; NA, not applicable; NM, not measured; NR, not reported; ROA, Radiographic osteoarthritis; SF-36, 36-Item Short-Form Survey; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale; WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index.