Table 3

Characteristics of studies included in systematic review of complications

StudyDesignNumber of patientsAge (mean)% females
Basques, 201547Retrospective cohort (registry)17 7745346.9
Bohensky, 201448Retrospective cohort (registry)139 031NR42.5
Cancienne, 201649Prospective cohort173 216NR64.6
Hame, 201250Retrospective cohort (registry)314 578NR62
Hetsroni, 201151Retrospective cohort (registry)418 32345.546.8
Hoppener, 200652Retrospective cohort (registry)3354243.3
Jameson, 201153Retrospective cohort (registry)261 4464640.7
Katz, 201338RCT1745955.9
Kise, 201613RCT7048.939
Krych, 201554Retrospective cohort (registry)12 595NRNR
Maletis, 201255Retrospective cohort (registry)20 7704442.8
Sihvonen, 201343RCT705258
Wai, 200256Retrospective cohort (registry)14 39162.449.9
Yacub, 200957Retrospective cohort (registry)12 426NR57.3
Yeranosian, 201358Retrospective cohort (registry)432 038NRNR
  • NR, not reported, RCT, randomised clinical trial.