Table 3

Adjusted mean difference in physical component summary (PCS) and mental component summary (MCS) scores between groups, 12 month follow-up

Primary analysis (n=1225)†ICCComplete case analysis (n=574)ICC
PCS (adjusted mean difference)*0.1 (−1.4 to 1.7)0.00.2 (−0.9 to 1.3)0.0
MCS (adjusted mean difference)*0.4 (−1.7 to 2.4)0.00.4 (−1.0 to 1.7)0.0
  • Data are mean (95% CI).

  • All data are based on norms-based scoring.

  • Differences can be interpreted as the observed extra effect of telehealthcare compared with usual practice when all mentioned covariates and clustering are taken into account.

  • *Adjusted mean differences are based on multilevel models controlling for all mentioned covariates and clustering.

  • †Primary analysis has imputed missing PCS and MCS scores.

  • ICC, intraclass coefficient.